Virtual Wine Tasting: A Useful Wine Guide

That’s not us, but it might as well be :)

Who offers online wine tasting?

Many many wineries have started doing online wine tastings for their wine club members and interested wine lovers. This is a great way for us to learn about a winery’s new releases since we can’t be there to try them in person.

How are wine tastings conducted online?

Online wine tastings can be broken down into three kinds:

  • Public wine tastings that are held live, like webinars or Zoom calls.
  • Private and Group wine tastings that are held live, like webinars or Zoom calls.
  • Tastings that are pre-recorded and available on demand via YouTube or other services.
  • Order the wine so it is delivered at least 7 days before the tasting (if you can). Wine gets bumped around during shipping and can taste off for a few days after it arrives. You also want to give it a chance to reach the proper temperature.
  • If you’re drinking a wine that should be decanted — specifically young reds and full-bodied whites — open the wine and decant it 30–60 minutes before your schedule tasting will begin.
  • If you have enough wine glasses, prepare one glass for each wine you’ll be tasting, per person. I recommend pouring the wine before the tasting begins, too.
  • Set up shop somewhere comfortable, make the lighting nice, have some appropriately paired snacks on hand (or simple crackers) to enhance the experience.
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Live Wine Tasting Events for the Public

One-time tastings can be held like large in-person events — you pre-register and order your wines in advance to taste along with the group leader and other attendees. These events are often led by winemakers, winery owners, sommeliers, and other knowledgeable wine industry professionals. As some wineries don’t employ particularly knowledgeable tasting room staff, this is one way in which online wine tastings are superior to in-person tasting.

Private Live Wine Tasting Events

An alternative form of one-time wine tastings is “by appointment only.” Many exclusive and high-end wineries only offer wine tastings by appointment during normal times; during COVID-19 any wineries fortunate enough to stay open have mostly conducted in-person and virtual tastings by appointment. The online analog to this experience is to buy wine from a company which includes a free, professionally-led, live wine tasting that can be scheduled at your convenience and include several people (make it a party!) or just you.

In Good Taste

This wine store offers 6 oz pours of different wines and full-size bottles are available to purchase more of what you love. They have two tasting kits available right now (details below). You can either join a public tasting event with your kit or, if you can organize a group (you must order at least 6 kits), you can have private tasting just for you and your friends.

Priority Wine Pass (Winery Tastings)

If you want to try a wine tasting with a winery, Priority Wine Pass has made it super easy to find a suitable tasting for you. You’ll tell them how much you want to spend on the wine and which state it will be shipped to, and they’ll show you a selection of wineries to choose from.

On-Demand Wine Tasting Videos

Sometimes large, one-time tastings are recorded so they can be viewed on demand. They’re incredibly useful if you’re not available when a tasting is conducted live.

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