Champagne: A Useful Wine Guide

Is all Sparkling Wine Champagne?

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How Does Champagne Get Its Bubbles?

What does Champagne taste like?

Image courtesy of Comité de Champagne

The Oxidative Style

The Reductive Style

Is Champagne Dry or Sweet?

  • “Brut nature” contains zero dosage and less than 3 grams sugar per litre
  • Extra Brut (less than 6 grams of sugar per litre)
  • Brut (less than 12 grams)
  • Extra Dry (between 12 and 17 grams)
  • Sec (between 17 and 32 grams)
  • Demi-sec (between 32 and 50 grams)
  • Doux (50 grams)

Does Champagne Come in Pink (Rosé)?

What is NV Champagne?

Why does Champagne age so well?

Why is Champagne so expensive?

  • Champagne is a tricky region to grow grapes in, so yield on grape harvests are low.
  • Champagne undergoes two fermentations which are time consuming to implement.
  • Rosé Champagne usually costs a little more — both because it’s popular and because it utilizes even more labor during production.
  • Champagne houses producing NV wine store old Champagne for blending.
  • Champagne must age for at least 15 months, so storage costs are high, too.
  • Champagne bottles are taxed by US Customs upon arrival (current high tariffs on French wine are compounding the matter).
  • High-volume producers can charge less for their wares, though they often don’t. There are two good reasons:
  • Protecting their brand. For example, Veuve Clicquot “Yellow Label” costs more than Moet & Chandon Brut, of similar quality and production.
  • These producers often are buying fruit from other vineyards rather than growing all of their own. This is an additional cost.
  • Vintage Champagne is only created in exceptional years, so these gems cost even more.
  • Champagne is highly-prized by collectors, so collectible Vintages of superlative houses get dizzyingly high prices assigned to them by the market.

What is Luxury Champagne?

  • An old vintage gets really popular
  • A famed Chateau offers special bottlings
  • A famous person starts drinking it notoriously

Champagne comes in fun sizes!

Image courtesy of Moët & Chandon

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Writer of Useful Wine Guides at

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